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The Bundts & Bouquets Story

Founded in 2017

Meredith Jordan is the owner and chief baker at Bundts & Bouquets, with a passion for delighting her loyal customers by creating delicious, homemade baked goods.


After leaving her 20-year career in the health-food industry, Meredith and her family relocated to Colorado in 2015. Having always expressed her love for others through food and baking (she often refers to food as "The 6th Love Language!"), she combined her baking with a little creativity and began serving the local community by making original, mouth-watering Bundt cakes.

Due to the incredible response she received from recipients of her baked goods, she established Bundts & Bouquets in 2017 to deliver delicious baked goods to the Denver/Morrison, CO area.

Ever the innovator, she has expanded her menu, and now offers cupcakes, scones, and sourdough bread. Every item she creates comes beautifully decorated and packaged, ready to eat or give as a gift (that everyone LOVES to get!)

Meredith says that "Everything is better with cake..."

Be on the lookout for her "Pop-Up Bakery" and "Porch Bakery" events...they only happen a few times a year!

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